Who is Lollipop, what is it?

Lollipop Créations is a line of jewelry at affordable prices so you can indulge yourself when you want ;-)

Lollipop was born in early 2019. At the base of the project, Charlotte, a mother of three children and also a specialized educator who felt a great desire to do something creative for her (and for others as a result!) ...

As a fan of earrings, it is quite naturally that she turned to this hobby. But very quickly, leisure turned into passion and Lollipop was born! Then it all happens so fast ... many of you supported this little project in its early days, so it grew thanks to all of you! Now, after the facebook and Instagram pagse ... all that was missing was this online store.

Lollipop Créations, it is simple and light jewelry, to wear every day or for more sophisticated events!


Earrings, necklaces, pendants ... Enamel pieces are in the spotlight and allow you to give your outfits that little touch of color that you lacked!
Sometimes bronze, sometimes golden and sometimes mixed… squares, circles or diamonds… there is something for everyone!

Jewelry is handcrafted in small series in a corner of the house ;-) The materials used are brass, stainless steel and sometimes gold plated for some parts. The raw materials come from Europe, mainly from France.